Navigator THV Delivery System

Delivering TAVI Made Easy

Myval THV is recommended to be crimped over Navigator THV Delivery System prior to
insertion within patient’s vasculature.

The crimped valve with delivery system is then loaded through 14Fr Python – Introducer

Navigator delivery system has a set of proximal and distal stoppers which ensure that
valve crimping is precise and snug.

Visual confirmation of crimped valve can be ensured before entering the sheath to avoid
any crimping errors/defects.

The stoppers prevent inadvertent migration of the valve & ensure there is no risk of
valve dislodgement (embolization) during entry through the sheath or while negotiating
the loaded delivery system across the aorta.

Myval THV direct crimping on the balloon makes TAVI delivery simple, intuitive and
eliminates unwarranted procedural steps.

Navigator – THV Delivery System has been indigenously developed by Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Navigator THV Delivery System

Characteristic Balloon Expansion

Navigator balloon with dual expansion ports at each end ensures rapid, simultaneous,
controlled expansion (dog-boning) of distal and proximal ends

This typical dog bone pattern of inflation steadies the valve during expansion phase,
ensuring its precise annular position and deployment without any risk of valve

Rapid balloon inflation, using an inflation device is possible with controlled palm thrust

Rapid balloon deflation within 3-5 sec ensures procedural safety and compliance

Navigator THV Delivery System: Proximal

Hi-flexion feature ensures tracking the THV delivery system via inner aortic arch curve thereby avoiding contralateral wall scraping.

Caution: Always remember to fully un-flex the Navigator system while withdrawing